1. Metallurgical industry


The need to have high qualifications, experience and skills. Unfortunately, many candidates claim to be welders, but it turns out that this is not the case.

Welders are sought to work in plants in: Oława, Brzeg, Jelcza Laskowice, Sosnowiec in Silesia or Wrocław.

Only those who will pass, after coming to Poland, will be employed by a specific contractor, the so-called tests. We take into account (so-called semi-automatic welding, thickness and type of sheets, type of wire, so-called welding position, maintaining verticals and levels, the issue of setting the machine / welding machine. The candidate's knowledge of reading a technical drawing is very well counted. After this period, there is a possibility of a significant increase in remuneration, but for a very good WELDER.

Knowledge of TIC and MAG welding is welcome.


• Locksmith
• CNC OPERATOR (lathe, miller, laser sheet metal cutting, bending machine)
Work in plants in: Oława, Stanowice, Jelcza-Laskowice and Sosnowiec.
Similar to the welder. He should know metalworking (METALWORKING). Knowledge of reading technical drawing, although in a basic level. In general, in the case of locksmiths and other professions, we do not have the so-called tests, but there is a trial period of at least 1 month.
The rate per hour, which depends on the experience, qualifications and skills of the candidate.
2. People for the catering and hotel industry
• positions - Cooks, Kitchen assistant, Waitress, Maid
In these professions, work in restaurants and hotels in Poland.
Our contractors:
Sanatorium, approx. 10 km. from the border with the Czech Republic and 30 km from Jelenia Góra.
Polish language needed for waitresses. The accommodation of the ladies costs about PLN 150. per month, the rest is paid by the employer plus free meals. Double rooms for ladies with bathrooms. The initial earnings are PLN 15. for an hour in  hand. After the trial period of up to 2 months, it is possible to increase. 
Another contractor is one of the hotels in Jelcz-Laskowice. This hotel  requires knowledge of English or German for a lady as a receptionist. It is possible for the contractor to arrange accommodation. 
The next contractor is from the city of Ścinawa Polska 
Work in agritourism - restaurant and hotel Work for ladies: kitchen help, waitress, maid.
Work for men: restorer, "handyman", performing various cleaning, maintenance and other works as needed. Every day at least 8/10 hours.
3. Tinsmith, Paint Shop and Car Mechanic
ONLY those people who have experience in these professions / industries will be accepted !!!
Currently ONLY 3 people out of 10 candidates have been proven successful. Very URGENT demand.
Work in private plants in Wrocław and in the town of Marcinkowice near Oława, Oleśnica. At the beginning, The rate  depends on quality and quantity of work performed on a given day, week or month (piecework).
4. Work on a farm
In  Namysłów (20 km from Jelcz). Workers (4/5 ladies and gentlemen) will collect potatoes or cucumbers and perform other field work. The host guarantees free meals and sleeping. Work at least 10 hours a day.
Rather seasonal work
5. Construction workers
General construction including putting up walls, external and internal plasters, interior finishing workers (plaster, tiles, plumbers, electricians, roofers, i.e. working on roofs, laying tar paper, mastic, sheet metal and their processing, roof tiles and the entire roof truss, as well as related work with thermal insulation of buildings (polystyrene or glass wool).
Another group of employees sought for at least 3/4 persons  who have experience in installation work. It is mainly about installations:
• water,
• gas,
• sewage / sanitary,
• heating (Central Heating).
• electrician
Very URGENT demand
Work in Oleśnica, Oława, Wrocław and the surrounding area. 
People who do not have any qualifications and experience - we will accept, but after prior contact with the Contractor who agrees.
There are already a sufficient number of helpers for the construction site, therefore the employment of such candidates requires the individual consent of our contractor each time !!!
After the trial period, it is possible to increase the rate per hour, but if the person has the appropriate qualifications (bricklayer, plasterer, steel fixer, worker who puts tiles, plaster, plaster, works related to, for example, thermal insulation of buildings or has experience in water installation, gas, etc.).
Here we are talking about independent workers who require virtually no supervision.
Accommodation based on individual discussions with employers. One of the contractors guarantees completely free accommodation, the other contractor pays approx. 50% to each accommodation. These issues, however, EVERY TIME require individual talks with employers !!!
6. Workers for the furniture industry
now men - for the position packaging and upholsterer, then ladies - especially seamstresses for the so-called HEAVY SEWING.
Plants located about 40 km from Wrocław Very URGENT demand
Work for men as an upholsterer and furniture packer (packing into crates and loading for transport.
After a trial period of approx. 1 month, possible increase in the hourly rate or switch to piecework. 
7. Gentlemen and ladies as production workers
(carpenter's assistant) who perform work for the preparation of wood, the so-called firelighters for fireplaces and packing the finished product into jute containers / bags.
Work in tent halls.
Employment in the town of approx. 5 km from Syców. The starting rate is PLN 120/150 PLN per day. After the trial period, possible increase. 9 hours a day. At the beginning, accommodation if in the contractor's apartment is a minimum of PLN 350. per person per month. Accommodation close to the workplace. 
8. Workers for the metallurgical industry
production and construction of halls and hangars / tents. The offer applies to men who will be employed in a plant producing metal construction elements of halls / tents. Experience as a welder, locksmith or fitter of steel structures is welcome.
It is possible to work on days off - Saturdays. The contractor may offer free accommodation, but only to those candidates who declare at least 1 year of work with him.
Work on site in Jelcz-Laskowice and in those regions of the country (Poland) where contractor's halls and tents will be built.
When visiting the area, the contractor provides the employee with free meals and sleep.
9. Individual needs for family support
where care is required for the elderly / family members who require it.
As of today, the demand for what ladies. Among other things, the candidates are required to speak the language - at least basic communication with the person under their care or with their relatives, and issues related to the care of the elderly, who should be provided, among others, with help and support in everyday hygiene, i.e. washing, changing diapers or diapers. panties (where necessary), giving medicines and meals, walking and leaving the house with elderly people who are moving or who should be taken out, for example, in a wheelchair or with the help of the so-called a balcony. Cleaning the apartment, shopping, cooking, etc. The candidates are guaranteed food and bedding free of charge.
The monthly rate of remuneration is from PLN 2,500 / PLN 3,000. on hand and more. It depends on the health condition of the person who requires care.
10. Employees to production plants on production belt
• where simple work is required when operating machines, mainly injection molding machines
• simple work with the operation of machines, mainly molds in the production of products made of concrete and other materials, eg metal.
In the plants of these contractors, employees perform e.g. simple production works of components and assembly of manufactured elements during the technological process on these machines / injection molding machines and molds.
It is also possible to work as a warehouse keeper, in which case you should acquire the so-called a certificate that entitles the employee to operate a forklift truck and pass the UDT exam, which is necessary to use the qualifications / certificate. The cost of such a course and exam is approximately PLN 1,000.
From the first day of work / employment of employees in Poland is LEGAL on the basis of an employment contract or a mandate contract.
It depends on the decision of the future employer.
A foreigner in this case, an Indian citizen acquires directly from his future employer in order to obtain a work visa, the so-called Annual permit type A.
NOTE - Each change of position or employer requires obtaining a new type A Annual Permit. So, before deciding where and at what position I want to work, let's think carefully about our actions !!!
Obtaining a new permit takes about 3 months.
The A type annual permit is a document that allows such a person to work legally in Poland for a minimum of 3 years. During this time, each employee may apply for an extension of this period by another 3 years by obtaining a new document, which is a Permanent or Temporary Residence Card.
However, in order for the candidate to be able to do so, he must first meet several conditions and submit an application required by law to the competent authority. Acquiring a Temporary / Permanent Residence Card is currently a one-off cost of approx. PLN 2,500 in total.
This amount includes: preparation and submission of the application (documents), its fee / administrative cost and the handling of the case by the legal office from the beginning to the end of the proceedings.
Candidates for work in Poland, in most cases, have accommodation provided by the employer.
These are employee quarters - rooms where they live after coming to Poland. Most often, a maximum of 3-4 people live in the room. The apartment has a sanitary facility (bathroom and toilet) and a room where employees can prepare a meal.
The accommodations are equipped with appropriate equipment, furniture and items. The candidate does not have to have practically anything. The question of the accommodation fee is always to be agreed.
As of today, the cost of such accommodation for 1 person is not less than PLN 500 per month.
Some contractors cover the cost of the accommodation in 100%, others in 50%, and still others do not cover their cost.
In such a case, if the contractor does not cover any accommodation costs, the candidate pays for his accommodation himself and individually agrees with the owner of the premises / accommodation.
In each contractor's plant there is a so-called A COORDINATOR who has the ability to speak English and who is directly responsible, for all contacts of the candidates / employees with the staff of a given plant in the event of solving problem or to provide assistance and support to the employee in various situations.